Martin Ström

iCal & iPhone syncing in Leopard

Looks like I’m not the only one having problems with my iCal to/from iPhone syncing.

After trying almost every possible solution I found in various forums and google, I finally came up with a fix that works for me. Like many others, I suspected the subscribed calendars were the problem and the iPhone synced fine after removing the subscriptions (including the built-in Birthdays calendar). But I have some subscribed calendars I want to have in iCal and found out that the cannot live in a group. I used to have a calendar group (File → New Calendar Group) for my “noisy” calendars so I could hide them easy with just one click. Looks like iCal/iPhone/Sync/OSX/whatever doesn’t like this and syncing stops working when using the group.

Doesn’t work:




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