Martin Ström

Automatically iChat complete Transmission downloads

Lets say you have an extra computer at home which can be used to download Linux distros using Transmission on Mac OS X. Here’s how you can let the computer iChat you when a download is complete.

  1. Sign up for a new iChat screen name and add your normal user as a buddy.
  2. In Transmission, open Preferences → Transfers and set the folder for incomplete files to something different than the “Default download location”.
  3. Start Automator (in /Applications) and create a new workflow
  4. Add the “Run AppleScript” action and paste in this code (replace YOURBUDDY with the scree name of your own iChat account:
  5. Save as a plugin and choose “Folder action” in the “Save As” dialog. Select the folder you setup Transmission to use as the “Default download location”.
  6. Done! The script should now send you an iChat message whenever a new file is added to the folder.

I created this setup a pretty long time ago and still use it, but these days together with a Growl notification plugin that also twitters me when the download is complete.

Colhour as iChat picture 2.0

This is the second version of the Colhour as iChat picture I posted the other day. The biggest improvment is that it will show both the hours and the minutes.

There’re two versions of the script. The first one uses a Ruby script together with RMagick to create every image on the fly with the current time. But since it requires some installation of Ruby gems and other libraries, I decided to make a version with all 1440 images pregenerated (created with a small Ruby script of course) so you wont need to install the other libraries. The AppleScript still uses some Ruby, but it’s included in OS X, and should (at least) work on a basic OS X 10.4 Tiger installation. Let me know otherwise.

Instructions on how to set up a cron job to run the script every minute is in the previous post. Both the on-the-fly generated version (update-gen.scpt) and the pregenerated version (update-pregen.scpt) are included in the zip file.

iChat picture with Colhour

This is a small AppleScript to update your iChat picture from the Colhour system that I have created with Peter. From the beginning I wanted to update it every second, but since it used 60% – 80% CPU, I decided to go with an update rate of once a minute instead. So you’ll only be able to se the current minute from the iChat picture.

To install: Download and extract somewhere on your hard drive. Edit your crontab file manually or with an app like Cronnix to run the script every minute. It should look something like this:

*/1 *   *   *   *   YourUserName    osascript ~/path/to/update.scpt

I suppose I should do this in the “correct OS X Tiger” way by using launchd instead, but that’s for next time. As well as update it to show the the full date in different squares (without seconds due to CPU usage) like the one on

Source included.

Version 0.2

Added a check in the script to see if iChat is running or not, so it wouldn’t launch iChat every minute.

CSS is in progress