Martin Ström

Colhour IRL

Another Colhour project! I wanted to try to take the Colhour system a step out from the digital to the “real” by making a regular wall clock using the Colhour system. This was mostly an attempt to see if the concept could work outside the computer and if I could find the parts needed.

I wanted to find a mechanical clockwork that had date, year and month (or an easy way to hack it) as well, since the original system isn’t just using hour, minutes and seconds, but also dates. Sadly, I couldn’t find any clockwork like this (didn’t really expect it actually) so I bought a regular one and built the clock around my limitations.

My first solution was to set the date, year and month by hand since it isn’t so hard to adjust it everyday. But I changed it and removed the date parts and used just the parts the clock could control automatically. It’s currently made of just paper glued to the clock’s hands to rotate. The result works, but I realized the hour is made for a 24 h clock but the clockwork, of course, is using 12 h. As an experiement this works for now, but I want to find a solution to make the dates work as well. One possibility could be to build my own clockwork and control it from the computer. Or one could put a 48 times bigger gear driven by the hour hand to make that one drive the date hands.

First version with manually controlled date hands

Second version, without dates

CSS is in progress