Martin Ström

Mac OS X 10.5.1 and Multi-Safari

Seems like Multi-Safari (at least 2.0.4) broke when upgrading to Mac OS X 10.5.1. I get this error:

“You cannot use the application ‘Safari 2.0.4′ with this version of Mac OS X.”

Luckily, I’ve found a workaround. Just launch Safari from the command line ( that is) and it should work for you:

/Applications/Safari\ &

OmniFocus to iPhone bookmark exporter

Since the iPhone lacks the possibility to export tasks from iCal I made hack/script to export all tasks from OmniFocus to a Safari bookmark and therefore be syncable with Safari.

Read more in the OmniGroup forums and/or download the latest version here.

Update: On request, here are some screenshots of how the todo list looks like:


One animated background image for multiple elements in Safari

I’ve found out that Safari can’t handle the same animated gif as background for multiple elements, it will just animate one of them at the same time. On a project I’m currently working on my I use the following trick to make all requests to the background image (in this case indicator_black.gif) unique.

var text = transport.responseText;
if (Browser.WebKit) {
    text = text.gsub('indicator_black.gif', function(match) {
        return match + '?' + new Date().valueOf() +
          Math.round(Math.random() * 5000);

Note that it uses Prototype JavaScript framework and you should too.


This is fixed in WebKit nightly (and therefore Safari 3 but I haven’t tested yet).

CSS is in progress