Martin Ström


The TwitterFax is a small project done together with Konst & Teknik. It will watch a given Twitter username for mentions and then print it, together with any twitpics or yimg images attached to it.

The code is pretty simple and uses the Twitter gem for communicating with Twitter and Prawn to genereate the PDF’s. I’ve set it up to run every 15 minute using a Cron job.

Check out the full source code. You’ll need to change what typeface to use or get LucidFaxEFRom.ttf from somewhere else.

So go ahead and mention @konst_teknik to try it out!

Download torrent files from Twitter DMs

Here’s a simple ruby script to download torrent files in Safari sent to you/an account as URLs in Twitter direct messages.

It could be used on your home server to download torrent files you send to it from something like your iPad.

I’ve set it up to run every fifth minute (using cron) to check for new files, but can of course be adjusted to something that works for you.

Also, make sure to point Safari’s download folder (in Safari’s preferences) to the same folder as you have Transmission automatically watch for .torrent files so the download actually starts.

CSS is in progress