Oh hai!
I'm participating in an excibition called ?Bring Your Own Beamer? tomorrow at Under Bron in Stockholm together with Peter Ström. (I'm only represented by our work though since I'm in Berlin this month).

Have fun!
BYOB Stockholm Hosted by Under Bron

Curated by Barriobajero

30.03.12 Jacob Broms Engblom,
Disa Braunerhielm,
Studio SM,
Simon Mullan,
Martin Löfqvist,
Ilja Karilampi,
Ashby Lee Collinson,
Jonas Holmer,
Jacob Åstrom,
Harald Martin
Peter Ström,
Oscar Ramos,
Aron Kullander-Östling,
Ida lehtonen,
Victoria Durnak,
Viktor Nyström
Oscar Pastarus,
Conan Lai,
Ricardo Juárez. Music: Press & Look Notes BYOB Worldwide